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Do you remember when?

Todd County School District 3 class of 1953-1954. (Contributed photo)

Osakis resident Don Moore sent in this photo of Todd County School District 3 class during the 1953-1954 school year.

Moore noted: Miss Marie Stiegen is the teacher. Students are: Robert Moore, 1st grade; James Dietrich, 1st grade; Dennis Dietrich, 2nd grade; Karen Didier, 2nd grade; Ronald Essler, 3rd grade; Harriett Holden, 4th grade; Jeanette Holden, 2nd grade; Donald Moore, 3rd grade; Sharon Dietrich, 4th grade; Lois Fiskness, 4th grade; Richard Holden, 6th grade; Loren Fiskness, 6th grade; Lester Fiskness, 6th grade; Alton Fiskness, 6th grade; and Loretta Moore, 7th grade.