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Summer School classes offered

Summer School will be held in the Osakis Public Schools July 23-Aug. 9, following approval by the School Board at its Monday, May 14 regular meeting.

Summer School for grades K-8 will include 84 students at a cost of $17,432.48 this year.

It was pointed out by Elementary principal Shad Schmidt, "Summer School is not to get them caught up if they are behind. It's to help students retain what they learned.

There will be 35 students in first through third grades enrolled; 40 students in grades four through six, and nine students in grades seven and eight.

Victoria VanWatermulen is the Summer School director, and will teach kindergarten. Gina Wagner will teach first; Melanie Stier, second; Lisa Olson 3/4 math; Deann Schmiesing 3/4 reading; Kathy Arens 5/6 reading; Justin George 5/6 math; Vicki Hinrichs grades 1-3 Special ed., and Sharon LaVallie grades 4-6 Special Ed. Rebecca Macey is the teacher's substitute.

Two special ed. aides are Teri Herzog and Jen Dietrich. Kirsten Will will serve as a general aide.

Classes will be held Monday through Thursday each week; four hours per day for teachers; and 3.5 hours per day for aides.

The budget breaks down into teacher salaries $9,916.92; teacher aide salaries $1,234.80; director $300, for a total of $13,132.498. Benefits include $1,680.76, and transportation is estimated at $4,300.

Supt. Randal Bergquist pointed out that the Summer School is sustainable. Projected revenue reimbursement totals $19,054.98.

High School principal Tim Roggenbuck pointed out that summer programs for the seventh and eighth grades "is more of a catch-up. We give them the option. They can bring in materials and get help from Mrs. Mary Leuthner three days a week. We don't want to see kids repeat classes."

Grades 9-12 also attend ALC.

Summer School is offered for special ed. students based on their IEP, and participation is determined by the IEP team for each student.