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A night of scholarships and recognition

The following scholarship awards for 2018-19 were announced during Osakis Senior Awards Night on May 20.

Local scholarships and citizenship awards

I Dare You Award, $500 — Jonathan Lara.

George E. and Mae L. Barron Award, $500 — Megan Peikert.

Pergol Scholarship, $1,500 each — Megan Peikert, Jacob Wielenberg

Osakis Area Heritage Center, $500 each — Jarret Seela, Own Rajdl .

Class of 1943, $500 — Jacob Wielenberg

Osakis VFW, $500 each — Nathan Hirte, Jaden Klimek, Tanner Mathews, Brody Uhlenkamp, $1,000 Jim Tenhoff Memorial Scholarship — Cheyenne Christopherson.

Royale B. and Eleanor M. Arvig, $3,000 — Shea Olson.

Osakis Women's Association, $1,000 each — Matt Peikert, Adam Petrich.

Lakes Area Professional Women, $800 — Elizabeth Drevlow.

Osakis Education Association, $300 — Kylie Anderson.

Osakis Lake Association, $500 — Owen Rajdl.

Osakis Sportsman's Association, $1,000 — Owen Rajdl.

Diane Fortenberry Memorial Scholarship, $500 each — Jarret Seela, Aubrey Koep.

Dayni Imdieke Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 — Jaden Klimek.

Alexandria Association of Realtors, $500 — Jaden Klimek.

Real Estate by Jo, $500 — Brooke Pfeffer.

Alexandria Elks, $500 each — Jarret Seela, Lauren Scherr.

Alexandria Masonic Lodge 81, $1,000 — Elizabeth Pahl.

Villard Area Lions, $100 each — Owen Rajdl, Gianna Backowski, Hanna Christensen, Jarret Seela, $250 — Muriah Adolphsen.

Log Cabin Pizza, $500 each — Elizabeth Pahl, Jacob Wielenberg.

Pope County Corn and Soybean Growers, $500 — Owen Rajdl.

Douglas County Farm Bureau, $400 — Owen Rajdl.

Douglas County Corn and Soybean Growers, $500 each — Gianna Backowski, Elizabeth pahl

Beyond the Yellow Ribbon (Military recognition) — Triston Stoetzel, Colton Thieschafer

College scholarships

The following students have been recognized by the institutions of higher learning they have chosen to attend next year based on high academic achievement and leadership ability:

• Hannah Matich — Women in Trucking Foundation scholarship of $1,000.

• Brody Uhlenkamp — Northern Co-op Foundation Stearns Electric scholarship of $1,000.

• Brooke Pfeffer — Rodney Paseka School of Business scholarship of $6,000; Preview Days scholarship of $1,000; Scholars Apprentice scholarship of $10,000; SFM Foundation scholarship of $8,000.

• Audrey Koep — NDSU Academic scholarship of $2,000.

• Morgan Herzon — Central Minnesota Credit Union scholarship of $2,000.

• Shea Olson — UND scholarship of $12,000, Olson Family Scholarship of $500.

• Jarret Seela — NDSU Presidential Honor Award scholarship of $10,000; Development Foundation Honor scholarship of $1,000.

• Jacob Wielenberg — NDSU Presidential Honor Award scholarship of $10,000; Additional NDSU scholarship of $1,000.

• Adam Petrich — St. Thomas Presidential scholarship of $128,000; St. Thomas Trustees scholarship of $4,000.

• Eli Clasemann — U of M, Morris Achievement scholarship of $6,000; Distinguished Scholar Award of $1,500.

• Gianna Backowski — Agriculture Education 4252 scholarship of $500; CFANS Land Grant Legacy scholarship of $20,000; U Promise scholarship of $300; Agricultural Communications & Marketing Major scholarship of $500.

• Dominic Strom — Gene haas Foundation scholarship of $750.

• Kylie Anderson — Sister Thomas Welder scholarship of $7,500.

• Matthew Peikert — NDSU Freshman Academic scholarship of $1,000.

• Morgan Rach — UND Presidential scholarship of $1,000; UND Hawk scholarship of $500.

• Elizabeth Pahl — CHS Prairie Lakes scholarship of $500; Ag Country scholarship of $1,000; America's Farmers Grow Ag Leaders scholarship of $1,500; Elks MN State Association scholarship of $2,000; Bernick Family Foundation Scholarship of $2,000; Hagen scholarship of $24,000; Catch A Break Scholarship of $40,000.

Scholarship Awards

The following 2018-19 Osakis High School and Local Community Scholarship Funds were donated by the Osakis Economic Development Corporation, First National Bank of Osakis, Osakis Lions, Jim and Sharon Fearing, Jody Fearing Trende and Gregory Trende, Brian Fearing, and Chad and Kristie Giesler. Memorial scholarships were given in honor of Michael Rooney, and Art and Avis Haug.

• $1,000 scholarship winners — Kylie Anderson, Shea Olson, Elizabeth Paul, Adam Petrich, Brooke Pfeffer, Morgan Rach, Jarret Seela, Jacob Wielenberg.

• $150 scholarship winners — Elizabeth Clasemann, Morgan Herzog, Matthew Peikert, Megan Peikert, Tianna Stanek, Aubrey Koep, Rachel Walsh.

• Tech student award of $500 — Elizabeth Drevlow.