The Osakis School District will be seeing some new secured entrances, new chairs in the high school gym, two new water fountains, a new baseball scoreboard and a new score table for the high school gymnasium.

All of these items were approved during the Monday, Oct. 14, regular school board meeting.

Secured entrances for five doorways were approved at a cost of $35,000. However, the school district will be getting a reimbursement from the state in the form of a Safe Schools grant for $33,000, said Randy Bergquist, superintendent.

The purchase of 36 chairs, at a total cost of $4,000, was also approved. The new chairs will replace chairs that were bought more than 15 years ago. The chairs will mostly be used for sports teams, such as the volleyball players, wrestlers and both boys and girls basketball players. Bergquist added that the chairs get used much more often and can be used for any event.

The two new water fountains, at a total cost of $3,000, will have water bottle filling capabilities and are replacing two old water fountain sinks, Bergquist told school board members.

The new baseball scoreboard, at an approximate cost of $8,000 plus installation, will replace the old scoreboard that no longer works. And the new score table, at an approximate cost of $10,000, will replace the old table in the high school gym. It is an upgrade and will include a video monitor that can display ads, bio information of sports players, upcoming events, photos, school logo or whatever the district decides to display during a game.

Pat Kalpin, the district’s activities director, told school board members that he spoke with a representative from another school similar in size that purchased a similar score table and in the first three years, sold an estimated $15,000 in advertising.

School board members also recognized and formally accepted several donations, including donations from 14 businesses and organizations directed at the Osakis FFA in the amount of $2,500.

“It’s so heartwarming to see all those donations for FFA,” said School Board Chair Becky Hensley.

In other action

School board members also approved the following items:

  • Hiring Ryan Maddock as the boys’ tennis coach.

  • Hiring Kirsten Bjorklund as the dance coach.

  • Hiring Darwin Johnson as the one act play director.

  • Auto insurance renewal with Auto-Owners for $11,468.

  • Snow removal bid from Didier Excavating.