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Osakis principals give year-end reports

During the Osakis School Board's June 11 regular meeting, reports were heard from the principals for the just-ended school year.

Elementary Principal Shad Schmidt reported that the elementary had a good year. May winner of the Win the Day Award was first grader Madison Stier. More than 1,000 students were nominated over the school year, with more nominations coming from the K-3 grades. New motivators will be looked at for grades 4-6 for the coming year.

Schmidt completed formal observations with 12 teachers this year. These are done on a rotating basis on a three-year cycle. He made 28 formal observations and did 88 intentional walk-throughs of the classrooms.

Students who sold $200 or more in merchandise in the fall fundraiser enjoyed throwing water balloons at the principal during the end of the year events on May 30.

Work in June will include reports, grant writing, supply orders, correspondence, and Safety Patrol preparations. There will be no Legionville Camp this year because of the bog floating on North Long Lake where camp is located.

Schmidt thanked the School Board for trusting him with the principal position, for being good mentors and for allowing him to continue to coach baseball.

High School Principal Tim Roggenbuck reported that the end of the year went well. Students set up a BBQ grill on the school parking lot, but were required by the Police Department to move it to the street because of fire regulations. It was a grill set up in the back of a pickup.

The Osakis girls golf team had a send-off to the state tournament on Monday, June 11. They were escorted out of town by the police department. This is the second year the girls team has competed at state.

Return and check-in of Chromebooks went well.

Graduation went well, and students were very well behaved.

Summer school will be held for seventh and eighth graders. Teachers help the kids so they can pass and do not have to repeat classes.

Superintendent Randal Bergquist reported that principal evaluations will be conducted, along with the activity director evaluation.