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Student dress code updated

Minor changes in the elementary and high school Student Handbooks for the Osakis Public Schools for the 2018-19 school year were approved by the Osakis School Board at its Monday, July 9 meeting.

The elementary handbook will not be printed and sent out this year. Instead parents are requested to access it on the school website. The parents will receive a student/parent checklist which will be required paperwork for families this fall, which must be signed by both the student and the parent/guardian and returned.

The checklist includes free and reduced meal application information, photo use, bullying, in-district field trips, discipline/behavior, school hours, dress code, attendance and absences, school bus rules and procedures, and elementary sports.

The High School Student Handbook includes a redrawn dress code, which was presented in the spring by the Student Council, and given a 30-day trial run at the end of the school year.

"Students are expected to wear clothing that is appropriate for weather conditions and is in good taste at all times." the policy reads.

The policy outlines clothing that is not allowed, including hats, caps, sunglasses, headgear, spaghetti strap tops, muscle shirts, bare midriffs, tube tops, and exposed undergarments.

Clothing that is suggestive, offensive or otherwise inappropriate (reference to alcohol, drugs or sexual innuendo) is not acceptable.

Shorts must have at least a three inch inseam.

Holes in jeans must be at mid-thigh or below. No undergarments are allowed to show through holes in jeans.

"If you are hesitant whether what you are wearing is appropriate, steer on the side of caution," the handbook says. "When in doubt, use common sense and/or ask a staff member for an opinion."

Faculty members and administration will have the final say on whether a garment meets the dress code.

"Student who continually break the dress code may end up costing the whole student body the freedoms that the Student Council has worked hard for. The Student Council requests that students consider this when getting dressed in the morning."