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The wheels on the bus go round -- a lot

A total of 222,394 miles were logged by the Osakis School District's 17 buses and vans for the year, according to the 2017-18 Transportation Report presented at the Osakis School Board's Aug. 13 meeting.

Costs to operate the program totaled $527,079 for the year, which includes $256,870 paid out in salaries, and $65,311 in benefits.

According to Superintendent Randy Bergquist, gas costs increased about $30,000 from the previous year, amounting to $73,733. Of that amount, diesel fuel cost $62,483, and gas cost $11,249.

Bus maintenance costs totaled $97,067 for the year. Bergquist told the board maintenance was up about $13,000 for the year.

Buses averaged 7.91 miles per gallon while transporting 580 public school and 29 non-public school students.

Total number of students transported the past year was up 20 over the 2016-17 school year. The numbers also include 22 Special Ed. students transported.

Bus Number 14, a 70 passenger bus, logged 19,082 of the total miles. It is 2008 IHC, with a capacity of 77 students.

The oldest buses were purchased in 2000, the newest, including a bus and two vans, were purchased in 2015.

Bergquist pointed out that the district did not buy any buses in 2016 or 2017, and that the board's Transportation Committee will have to meet to discuss this.

Bus Number 19, purchased in 2001, has logged total mileage of 235,469, followed by Bus Number 10 at 208,134 miles.

The number of public school students transported during the 2017-18 school year was 580, which was an increase of 23 from the previous year. Non-public students transported dropped three from 2016-17 to the past year at 29.

Numbers of students transported during the past 13 years have totaled in the 500 plus range. Most years between 1981-82 and 2004-05 were in the 400s.

Highest number transported in one year was 598, recorded in the 1977-78 school year.