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Osakis Public Schools staff ready for new year

The Osakis School Board approved a number of hirings at its Aug. 13 meeting to fill out the staff for this year's school year.

"We should be ready to go," Superintendent Randy Bergquist told the board. "Osakis is really lucky. We hired some really good individuals to start the new year."

Hired were:

Kristen Will, full time Early Childhood Special Education instructor at per Master Agreement amount of $39,293. She served as a paraprofessional in Osakis Public Schools last year;

Jeff Rousu, full time Special Education teacher at per Master Agreement amount of $42,203. He has been employed as a Business Account Executive with Spring Mobile/AT&T;

Sarah Meier, grades 6-12 music teacher at per Master Agreement amount of $44,493, plus choir advisor for the year at per Master Agreement amount of $1,614. She has served as a substitute teacher in the area, and as a paraprofessional/tech supervisor in the Sauk Centre schools;

Chris Ludwig as football coach with donated funds from the Osakis Grid Iron Club;

Paul Hartmann as .65 time elementary K-3 and 5th grade music teacher at per Master Agreement amount of $25,540.45. He has served as a music director/teaching artist at Northern Prairie Performing Arts, and as a paraprofessional in the Fargo ND Public Schools;

Megan Gibbons as .39 elementary teacher for sixth grade technology at per Master Agreement amount of $15,702.57.

In addition to the hirings, the School Board approved several other personnel items.

The resignation of Natasha Ferguson as paraprofessional was accepted with special thanks for a job well done.

A lane change from MS to MS+15 was approved for Lee VanNyhuis.

An FMLA leave to Oct. 1 was approved for Tera Anderson, preschool teacher.

Six days were added to High School Counselor Melissa Bergquist's contract, three days at the beginning of the school year, and three days at the end of the school year.

The board also approved Tom Quiram as a volunteer football coach. He has extensive coaching experience in LeCenter, LeSueur and LeSueur-Henderson High School in football, baseball, girls basketball, and girls softball. He is retired.

Schedule C approved

The board approved recommendations to amend the Schedule C payments for bus drivers as follows: $15 for less than 50 miles (one way); 50-100 miles for $25 (one way), and $40 for over 100 miles (one way). The amount will be paid based on one way.

The rate of pay for substitute teachers was raised from $100 to $105 per day to bring the amount into line with other area schools substitute teacher pay.