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School census third highest in 30 years

The official Osakis School District Census, ages zero through high school, was received by the School Board at its Monday, Dec. 10 regular meeting. Total number is 871, which is the third highest number in 30 years of record keeping. This includes 460 elementary students, and 411 high schoolers.

Prepared by Elementary Secretary Tracy Stigman, the census shows a total of 460 elementary children, including 429 at Osakis Public Elementary, and 31 at St. Agnes School.

The 2018 numbers are up from 2017. Last year's totals were 417 in the public elementary school, and 39 in St. Agnes School, for a 2017 total of 456.

Osakis High School enrollment is up 15 students from 396 last year to 411 in the fall of 2018. That number has been edging up in the past five years from 386 in 2014.

The year 2013 was the highest enrollment for the past 30 years at 910 district-wide.

There are 56 seniors at OHS this year, and 58 in 11th grade. But then the numbers jump to 71 in 10th grade, 72 in ninth grade, 76 in eighth grade, and 78 in seventh grade.

Elementary totals by grade, combining both elementary and St. Agnes, are 75 for sixth grade; 68 in both fifth and fourth grades; 70 in third grade; 59 in second grade; 57 in first grade; and 63 in kindergarten.

The report shows there are 16 children from nine families in the Osakis School District that are being homeschooled, ages 7-16. This does not include Amish families living in the district. The number is up from eight families and 14 students homeschooled in 2017.

Open enrollment at the Osakis Public School for 2018 includes 132 in the elementary grades, coming from seven area districts. Open enrollment at the Osakis High School totals 110 students, coming from nine area districts. Total open enrollment for 2018 is 242 students, which is up seven from the 2017 total of 235.

Special Education students open enrolled to Osakis this year number 42, compared to 45 last year.

St. Agnes School has 15 students who attend physical education and computer at the public schools in grades 3-6, nine of which are open enrolled. There is one special education student from St. Agnes who receives services at Osakis Public Schools.

Osakis students open enrolled at other area schools total 53 this year, 20 in elementary, and 33 in high school. This number is up nine from last year.

Figures have remained in the 800 range since 2010.