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Surveys soon required for property splits

Editor's note: The following information was provided by Todd County Planning and Zoning.

Many times a survey is needed to make a proper land transaction. A survey and subsequent protection of the property corner pins helps keep everyone honest and ensures that future construction meets setback requirements on both sides of the line.

Adoption of M.S. 272.162 effective January 1, 2018 required that planning and zoning regulations be followed for all land subdivisions.This includes property line adjustments and administrative splits. The requirement for a survey is planned to go into effect June 1, 2019 and is expected to benefit at least four land services departments.

The Planning and Zoning Department will have less setback issues and expect to spend less time on these types of violations. It will also be easier to review applications to adjust property lines to ensure they meet county ordinance requirements.

The County Recorder expects to be able to process splits and line adjustments faster and less errors in legal descriptions will occur since survey generated coordinates will be used.

The County Assessor will have more accurate measurements of acreage for taxation purposes and reduce county liability for tax abatements. Metes and bounds descriptions can accurately describe a parcel but they do not necessarily show where the parcel is on the ground.

The Auditor-Treasurer expects to see less conflicts and disputes with landowners will result in more timely payment of taxes since the acreage is not being disputed. Also less properties may go into forfeiture.

The GIS Department foresees that the surveys submitted to the county will improve the GIS map layer accuracy as points throughout the county are ground trothed by surveyors. This will lead to improved accuracy of the GIS system which is used extensively by all departments and the public.