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Surveys to be required for land splits in Todd County

Editor's note: The following information was provided by Todd County Planning and Zoning.

Starting January 1, 2018 all property line adjustments and administrative splits will require a signoff from the zoning authority prior to recording. Beginning on June 1, 2019 all of the land splits and adjustments will require a land survey as a part of the application.

Property splits and property line adjustments without the benefit of review by the planning office can result in disappointment for the land owners involved. Planning your property line adjustment or land split carefully should result in legal parcels that will meet your needs and be buildable in the future.

Property line adjustments are used between adjoining and consenting landowners to solve a parcel access or property size issue. Line adjustments can be completed in AF1, AF2, R-2, and R-10 zoned land. A survey may or may not be required depending on the complexity of the line adjustment. A land split differs from a line adjustment in that it involves creation of a new land parcel that did not previously exist.

Landowners or their agents will first obtain a split packet from the county or the county's website then proceed to pull together information required.

County planning staff are available to guide landowners through property splits they want to complete. It is important to discuss your plans with individuals familiar with the property splitting process. It will be important to follow the steps to avoid spending money on expensive surveys and title opinions of your proposed split or property line adjustment.

Todd County Planning and Zoning can be reached at 320-732-4420.