After a severe winter which resulted in the loss of six school days at Osakis Public Schools, Supt. Randal Bergquist discussed the present calendar situations with the School Board at its April 8 meeting (before another bad storm cancelled school on April 11).

Bergquist told the School Board, "Because Osakis is above the 165 days threshold, we don't have to abide by the Snow Day Bill they passed in the State Legislature."

Of the six days missed, two summer bank days were included in the current year calendar.

Bergquist did not recommend using the Good Friday and Easter Monday days. "We need some family time, too, during the school year."

Osakis students had 172 contact days, lost six, and got back two because of the bank days. "Hence the Snow Days rule doesn't affect Osakis," Bergquist said.

After discussion by the board including if the teachers will be able to complete their curriculums, and polling the principals and seniors present on their opinions, the board voted to forgive the three days.

Bergquist also told the board that next year's calendar will include three e-learning days, and input is being sought from the teachers on how this will work with the different grade levels.