A BSN/Nike agreement for the Osakis Public Schools athletic department has been signed, and Activities Director Brad Hoffarth presented the agreement to the Osakis School Board at its Monday, April 8 meeting.

BSN Sports is a distributor of Nike apparel and equipment.

Hoffarth said the five-year contract had been approved by the head coaches of the school sports, and that all Osakis High School varsity teams must be wearing Nike uniforms by the end of the five-year contract.

Teams currently wearing Nike uniforms or warmups include football, boys and girls basketball, boys and girls golf, and boys and girls track and field.

Annual rebates and discounted pricing are given on all items purchased through BSN. Rebates would be directed back to the particular sport making the order.

Hoffarth said the district began ordering through BSN eight years ago, and that they offer free shipping of products.

Students and families can order on their own through the online TEAM store, and they are not required to buy the Nike brand. Other brands are available on the site.

Purchases can be used for all extra curricular programs, not just sports.

InSideOut program

Hoffarth also gave a presentation on a program called InSideOut Team Initiative, a personal and professional growth community. He is attending monthly meetings on the character building program, and then brings the information back to monthly meetings with the Osakis coaching staff. The program equips coaches to provide weekly character lessons for students.

The track and field team has participated in the core values evaluation, discussing four people that they trust, and four reasons why people can trust them.

"Trust yourself physically, mentally and academically and you will see that other people will trust you too," the worksheet says.

Hoffarth told the board about 55 percent of the student body is involved in sports, and the staff wants to get 100 percent of the students involved in the character building program. The Minnesota State High School League sponsors this event, and is emphasizing athletics first.