Summer School will be held at Osakis Public Schools July 22-Aug. 8, for an expected 71 students in grades 1-8.

Casey Reis is the director of the program, which involves eight teachers and two teacher aides.

Teachers and their assignments are: Casey Reis, first; Gina Wagner, second; Melanie Stier, third; Lisa Olson, 4/5 math; Deann Schmiesing, 4/5 reading; Justin George, 6/7 math and reading; Vicki Hinrichs 1-4 Special Ed. Victoria VanWatermulen is the teacher substitute.

Aides are Teri Herzog for Special Education; and Lynette Erikson for general aide.

Total budget for the program is $16,158.24, which includes teacher salaries at $21.19 per hour; and aides at $9.80 per hour.

Transportation for the program, which is included in the total, is estimated at $4,300.

A total of 38 students in grades 1-3 are enrolled; along with 27 students in grades 4-6; and six in grades 7-8.