The Osakis School Board heard a report on the 2018-19 school lunch report from A'viands representative Jonathan Barnes, at its Monday, July 8 meeting, and later approved a 10 cent per meal increase in the lunch costs for the coming school year.

Barnes told the board that the Osakis School District charges an average of $2.25 per paid student for meals, while the national average is $2.95. He recommended the price increase to show the Minnesota Department of Education that Osakis is making an attempt to get the prices adjusted to nearer the national average.

A'viands guaranteed the Osakis district a return of $50,000 back to the food fund during its first year of operating in the Osakis schools. Barnes told the board that was surpassed, and the return for the past year was $53,692.

"Jodie (Stotesbery) and her staff delivered on that," Barnes said.

Total revenue for the year was $381,669, which included a federal reimbursement of $164,462.27; state reimbursement $20,185, and student cash sales of $149,676.

Also included were state milk program receipts of $1,211; ala carte sales and miscellaneous revenue of $35,266. Milk revenue was $5,449. Kindergarten lunch receipts were $1,780; adult cash sales $3,639.

Program expenses totaled $328,657, which included $309,749 for lunches, $20,452 for breakfasts, and $30,905 for ala carte equivalents.

The annual report shows 9,921 breakfasts were served; 90,540 lunches served; 7,982 ala carte meal equivalent; 720 adult sales; for a total of 109,163 actual meals served.

There were 146 serving days for both breakfast and lunch.

Barnes told the board the previous year the average breakfasts served were 40-50, while this past year the average was 100-110 per day.

After hearing the A'viands report, the School Board renewed the A'viands food service management contract for the 2019-2020 school year.

The board also approved increasing the lunch prices at $2.25 for elementary students, and $2.35 for high school students for the coming year.

Board members asked Barnes if A'viands has considered a summer lunch program. It is hoped that by summer 2020 the summer lunch program will be in place to offer free lunches to anyone, newborn to age 20.