Administrative salaries were approved by the Osakis School Board at its Monday, July 8 regular meeting.

A three-year contract was approved for Superintendent Randy Bergquist. Board Chair Becky Hensley, speaking for the board's negotiations team, reported wages were set at $130,000 the first year; $134,000 the second year; and $138,000 the third year of the contract.

The contract also included a memorandum of understanding for insurance coverage. If the insurance increases more than 6 percent, that section of the contract can be reopened for negotiations.

One additional paid holiday was approved, that being New Year's Eve.

The contract also allows the superintendent a flexible summertime schedule, with discussion with the board chair and the office staff.

Other sections of the contract were approved from the continuing contract, including 25 days paid annual vacation, 10 paid holidays, insurance and use of a district vehicle.

Salary for Community Education is included in the base salary.

Bergquist served as elementary principal at Osakis starting in 2016, and became interim superintendent, then superintendent in February of 2017 when former Supt. Joe Broderick resigned.

Principal salaries

The School Board approved principal contracts for the coming two years, upon the recommendation of chair Hensley.

High School Principal Brad Hoffarth, and Elementary Principal Shad Schmidt's salaries for the 2019-2020 school year were set at $98,500, with a 2 percent increase the following year.

Paid time off was increased from three days to five days, with a cap of seven days accumulated.

Paid insurance premium was not increased, but if the insurance rate increases by more than 6 percent, that portion of the contract can be reopened.

A change of duties would also result in reopening the contract talks. Hensley commented that the athletic director duties have not yet been assigned. This was a position held by Hoffarth in the past.

Personnel changes

• Summer school bus drivers, Vicki Hinrichs, Barb Sjerven and Alison Triebenbach, were hired.

• Head cross country coach Justin Dahlheimer was given a one-season sabbatical leave.

• Stan Moore was approved for a salary lane change from MS+15 to MS+30.

• Sara Anderson was approved for a salary lane change from MS to MS+15.

• Katie Ferris was approved for a salary lane change from BS to BS+15.

• Rebecca Macey was approved for a salary lane change from BS to BS+15.