Once again, Douglas County received good news from its auditing firm, CliftonLarsonAllen. Doug Host, a certified public accountant with the firm, told the commissioners at Tuesday’s regular county board meeting that the county received an unmodified or “clean” opinion based on the financial statements, which is the highest assurance they can receive.

“I didn’t encounter any difficulties with the staff and their were great to interact with,” Host told the commissioners. “As a board, you should know that the staff (in the auditor/treasurer department) is a great team and that deserves some recognition.”

The Minnesota Office of the State Auditor recommends no less than five months of expenditures in the fund balance, and Douglas County is at 8.27. That is an increase of 0.36 from 2017, said Host.

“It is strong and stable and has been that way for years,” he said. “That’s pretty good.”

The county’s fund balance for 2018 was $34 million and expenditures were at $49.5 million. Both increased from 2017 – expenditures rose from $47 million in 2017 and the fund balance was at $31 million for ‘17.

The county’s revenue for 2018 was nearly $53 million, an increase of almost $3 million from 2017.

The audit was approved by four commissioners. Commissioner Jerry Rapp was not in attendance.

In other board action

The following items were approved by the commissioners:

  • Off-sale liquor license for Kraemson Liquor Corporation, doing business as County Line Liquor. New owners, as of Oct. 15, will be Christopher Johnson and Kelly Kraemer.

  • Hiring of a training consultant to complete strengths and engagement training and facilitation for Douglas County Social Services in the amount of $6,200.

  • Preliminary plat for Nor Homestead, a one-lot plat in Lake Mary Township.

  • Preliminary plat for Miltona Boardwork, a 12-acre plot in Miltona Township being divided into two pieces.

  • Purchase of truck by Land and Resource Management from Public Works with half of the $10,000 coming from the Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Aid grant and the other half coming out of the 2018 surplus funds allocated to Land and Resource Management.

  • Grant application to the Department of Natural Resources to purchase an ATV for the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

  • Letter of retirement from Dave Robley, Douglas County Public Works director, effective April 30, 2020.