Editor’s note: The following information was provided by Todd County Planning and Zoning.

Cold weather has quickly arrived and has brought the 2019 construction season to a halt. Many land owners don’t start to plan their future construction until warmer weather arrives but winter is a great time to start your planning. Todd County Planning and Zoning has the resources and staff to assist with your future construction goals.

Setbacks, structure heights, impervious surfaces, and septic system compliance are just a few items to be considered in your planning process.

The Todd County Planning and Zoning Ordinance has many requirements for the placement of structures and septic systems. Having the opportunity to work with landowners during the winter months will keep your project on track for 2020.

Along with land use and septic permits, a variance may be required for your construction activity. This will take additional time to process before a land use permit can be written.

Variances are required for any structure placement or lot size requirement that doesn’t conform to the guidelines established in the zoning ordinance.

To prevent a delay in the start of the construction season, visit with the Planning and Zoning today to start the permitting process.

Failure to obtain a land use permit could result in additional after-the-fact fees or potentially a violation assessment on your property. These situations can become difficult and time consuming for all parties involved.

Permit applications are available in the office or online. Contact the office at 320-732-4420 with any questions or stop in the Todd County Historic Courthouse.