Editor’s note: The following information was provided by the Todd County Planning and Zoning Office.

The Todd County Planning and Zoning Ordinance requires landowners outside of city limits to obtain a land use permit for buildings and structures greater than 32 square feet.

Land use permits are often also referred to as building permits. These permits provide an opportunity for the county to review land use changes to negate the potential impacts to natural resources.

In addition, proper placement of structures allows for productive and orderly development of Todd County. The permitting process ensures that all construction meets the basic requirements of the Planning and Zoning Ordinance.

In the event that your planned construction project doesn’t meet ordinance requirements, a variance can be applied for in order to allow the activity. A variance is a modification or variation of the official controls. A clear and evident practical difficulty must be present in order for a variance to be granted. The Board of Adjustments review each case and determines of a variance is allowable and if so, what conditions must be adhered too in order to offset the adverse effects of the variance.

Planning and zoning staff are available to assist landowners with navigating the permitting process. Permit applications are available online or by visiting the Historic Courthouse to meet with staff directly. In many cases, permits can be issued in the same day over the counter. In other cases, a more thorough review is necessary so we encourage landowners to contact us well in advance of their construction activities to make sure they fully permitted prior to the start of construction.

Failure to obtain the appropriate permits prior to construction can lead to one or more violations. After-the-fact fees will be applied for late permit applications. Complete failure to obtain permits could result in additional penalties in the form of a tax assessment. Having a permit on file with the Planning and Zoning Office gives land owners a clear path forward without obstructions. Please contact the Planning and Zoning Office at 320-732-4420 with all questions, concerns, or to start the permitting process today.