Joe Biden was the clear-cut choice among Democrats in Douglas County’s Super Tuesday presidential primary on March 3.

The former vice president collected nearly 53% of the Democratic vote countywide, winning by a 3 to 1 ratio over second-place finisher, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders from Vermont.

With all of Douglas County's 37 precincts reporting, here are the unofficial results:

Joe Biden – 52.93% (1,445 votes)

Bernie Sanders – 17.14% (468 votes).

Mike Bloomberg – 12.45% (340 votes). He later withdrew from the race on March 4 and endorsed Biden.

Elizabeth Warren – 8.97% (245 votes). She later withdrew from the race on March 5.

Amy Klobuchar – 6.41% (175 votes). She withdrew from the race March 2 and endorsed Biden.

Pete Buttigieg – 0.81% (22 votes). He withdrew from the race March 1 and endorsed Biden.

All other candidates had less than 1 percent.

Voters in the Osakis area also favored Biden.

In the city of Osakis, Biden picked up 55 votes, followed by Bloomberg with 15, Sanders with 11, Klobuchar with 8, Warren 4, and Tulsi Gabbard with 1. There was also one “uncommitted” vote.

In Osakis Township, Biden led the way with 24 votes, followed by Bloomberg and Sanders with 3 each, and Warren with 1.

Voter turnout in the city of Osakis matched the countywide turnout of 16%. Turnout in Osakis Township was lower, coming in at 11%.

Biden carried all but two of Douglas County’s 37 precincts and that happened in areas with just a smattering of votes: Evansville Township favored Bloomberg, giving him 6 votes to Biden’s 4 votes; and Spruce Hill Township gave Sanders 3 votes, Warren 2, and Biden 1.

President Donald Trump, meanwhile, also had a super Tuesday, collecting 1,210 votes of 98.37% of the Republican total in Douglas County. A write-in option received 20 votes or 1.63%.

Trump garnered big support locally, receiving 40 Republican votes in Osakis and 14 votes in Osakis Township against 1 write-in vote in each precinct.

In Douglas County, a total of 3,965 Democrat and Republican ballots were returned out of 25,204 voters who registered, which translates to a voter turnout of 16%. Absentee or “early voting” was a popular option – 413 ballots were accepted.

Todd County voters also supported Biden, giving him 53.3% of the vote, followed by Sanders with 21.06%, Bloomberg with 10.22%, Warren with 8.11% and Klobuchar with 5.2%.

The presidential primary was Minnesota’s first since 1992.

Vicki Doehling, Douglas County elections administrator, was pleased with the turnout and how things went.

“Overall, the presidential nomination primary went well, aside from a few complaints mostly involving the legislative requirement to choose a political party prior to receiving a presidential primary ballot,” she said. “Despite that legislative requirement, voter turnout in Douglas County came in around 8% higher than the state primary held in Douglas County during the last presidential election year.”

Statewide results

Douglas County’s results pretty much mirrored the statewide trend, although the race was tighter at the state level.

With all 87 counties reporting, Biden carried Minnesota with 38.61% of the vote, followed by Sanders with 29.89% and Warren, who finished third with 15.41%, nearly double the percentage of votes she received in Douglas County.

Bloomberg finished fifth with 8.34% of the statewide vote. Klobuchar was next with 5.57%, followed by Buttigieg with 1.02%. All the other contenders polled less than 1% of the vote.

At stake for the primary were Minnesota’s 75 delegates. Here’s how the delegate count breaks down based on the final results – Biden with 38 delegates, Sanders with 27 and Warren with 10.

As expected, Trump rolled to an easy victory. He picked up 97.65% of the Republican vote in Minnesota and write-ins accounted for the rest of the total.