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Osakis Police Blotter Nov. 8-13


November 8

Six written warnings for parking on the street between midnight and 6 a.m.

Barking dog complaint, spoke with property owner, E Lake.

Vehicle unlock, W 4th Ave/W Main.

Warning for speed, E 3rd Ave.

Drug disposal, transporting drugs to Pope Douglas Waste Management for disposal.

Warning for speed, CR 3/Finnegan Lane.

Citation for 83 in a 55 on CR 3, W 4th Ave/W Nokomis.

Theft, several storage sheds were broken into and items taken, E Pike.

Warning for disobey traffic sign, vehicle failed to stop at stop sign on 1st Ave, contacted owner and he stated it was his daughter and he would have her contact PD, spoke with person who thought she stopped, E 1st Ave/Hwy 27.

Warning for stop sign, E 1st Ave/Hwy 27.

Vehicle unlock, E Nokomis.

November 9

One written warning for parking on street between midnight and 6 a.m.

Checking on stolen trailer, trailer in driveway matches description, W King.

Funeral escort, blocked traffic, W 3rd/W Nokomis.

Business check.

Warning for speed, E 1st Ave/School.

Stopped wrong vehicle, 27/Todd 37.

November 10

Two written warnings for parking on street between midnight and 6 a.m.

Veterans program, E 1st Ave.

Medical, assisted with getting patient inside and getting info, no transport, Central Ave.

Business check with Todd County deputy, Central Ave.

Served a handwritten eviction notice to person for comp, E Lake.

Minor crash, vehicle backed into parked vehicle, report completed, Central Ave.

Nuisance Violation, advised resident to remove dead trees from front yard, W Nokomis.

Driving complaint, KRD trucking, blue semi with white trailer, trash blowing out along CR 82, UTL.

Person requested that LE lock their house, inadvertently left unlocked, locked door and advised person, Ketelle Dr.

Fire, chimney smoking more than usual, thinks it may be chimney fire, W Pike.

November 11

Four written warnings for parking on street between midnight and 6 a.m.

Business check.

Traffic hazard, removed sign hung on street light in middle of road, W 2nd Ave/W Main.

Out with vehicle with flashers on, ran out of gas, E 3rd Ave/Hwy 27.

Assist other agency, semi in ditch looking for lights assistance, directed traffic, CR 3/CR 71.

Business check.

Warning for speed, E 1st Ave/Hwy 27.

Assist other agency, male assaulted a person and cut clothes off, arguing with others, left in maroon Chevy SUV, victim going to hospital via private vehicle and denying medics, arrested person, Alexandria.

Suspicious male in Subway dining area, had Grant County warrant, arrested and transported to DC jail, W Nokomis.

Warning for no lights on boat trailer, E 2nd Ave/E Pike.

Business check, E Nokomis.

Car killed deer, issued tag to person who witnessed deer get hit by another motorist, CR 3/Trisco Cove.

Business check, E Nokomis.

Comp reported chasing person off his property and then noticed tracks in snow entering his shed, person was delivering Shopper paper, tracks were from different family member, W Queen.

Business check, W Nokomis.

November 12

Six warnings for parking on street after midnight.

Three warnings for parking in no parking zone after 2 a.m., Central Ave public parking lot.

Business check, Hwy 27.

Medical, elderly male low oxygen, transported, W Main.

Minor crash, two vehicles, no injuries, info exchanged, report to be completed, W Nokomis.

Person would like to speak to officer about employee theft, theft was unfounded, computer error and money recovered.

Warning for no tail lights and cracked windshield, W Nokomis.

Citation for speed and no proof of ins, E 1st Ave/E Nokomis.

Driving complaint, truck all over the road and ran stop sign, stopped for over fog line repeatedly and driving 30 in 55, warned for driving conduct, CR 81/CR 82, Alexandria.

Warning for speed, Central Ave/E Nokomis.

Public assist, mother passed away and brother is not answering the phone, W Main.

Medical, 80 YO female with chest pains, took initial info, transported, W Main.

Assist other agency, assist Todd Cnty with traffic stop, speed and no MN DL, E Nokomis/Hwy 27.

November 13

Three warnings for parking on street after midnight.

Vehicle in ditch, black Equinox went in ditch and then left, driver OK, fell asleep, given ride to residence, photos taken, state report, Hwy 27.

Driving complaint, white Chevy pickup eastbound at 80 MPH, UTL, vehicle was westbound per comp, W 8th Ave/W Nokomis.

Funeral escort, from Alex through Osakis.

Car killed deer in middle of road, dispatched deer, vehicle severely damaged, towed vehicle, issued possession tag, E 3rd Ave/Hwy 27.

Business check, E Nokomis.

Provide lights for tow, semi being towed with loaded trailer had to be unhooked due to mechanical issue, trailer parked on Hope Rd overnight, advised to mark with traffic triangle, CR 10/CR 3.

Jail transport from Douglas to Todd Cty, met deputy at liquor store parking lot, W 3rd Ave, Alexandria.

Warning for headlight out and over fog line, Pennrose Rd/Hwy 27.

Warning for failure to dim headlights, 27/37.

Medical, 22 YO female has port, seizure like activity, assisted with info and loading, transported, E Nestor.

November 14

Three warnings for parking on street after midnight.

Traffic stop, driver appeared to be owner who is revoked, wasn't owner driving, no action taken, W 3rd Ave/W Nokomis.

Assist other agency, assist U.S. marshals with warrant pick-up.

Assist other agency, enroute to Social Services.

Assist other agency, assist DC Child Protection with mandated report investigation, arrested person for domestic assault, E 1st Ave.

Juvenile trouble, son is being difficult after getting his phone taken away, would like officer to speak to him, warned person to cooperate with his grandmother who is his guardian.

Delivered planning/zoning packets to members.

*This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity; rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.