Going, going, gone!

The ice officially left Lake Osakis on Wednesday, April 24.

That's five days later than the lake's median ice out of April 19 but 10 days ahead of last year's date of May 5.

As in the past, the Osakis Review held a Lake Osakis Ice Out Contest, this year partnering with the Osakis Area Chamber of Commerce and local businesses.

More than 25 people took a shot at guessing the date and filling out an entry form, and three of them nailed it. As noted in the rules, a random drawing of the three was held to determine the winner and Jackie Johnson of Osakis came away with the prize - a $50 gift certificate from the Chamber of Commerce.

Guesses ranged from April 12 to May 13.

The Osakis Review thanks the hard-working staff at The General Store for helping the newspaper keep track of the ice.

The latest ice-out date on Lake Osakis was May 14 recorded back in 1950. The earliest ice out was March 13, 1878.

According to the state climatology office, Lake Osakis has the longest running data in the state when it comes to recording ice out dates; records go back to 1867.