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Make a positive ripple

Sometimes, taking a second out of your day can make someone's entire day. It can also ruin someone's day if you're not careful.

We as a people have a large amount of power though our words and actions that can create a bit of a ripple effect. I wanted to touch base on the subject of taking a moment to make a moment.

What I mean by "take a moment to make a moment" is the idea that a simple gesture or sentence or how you present yourself can have a positive effect on someone, thus making a moment in someone's day. That person can then take that positive energy and pass it along to the next person and so on, and it only took a moment of your day.

That can be said for the reverse of that interaction. Going along and saying something negative, or

taking out your frustrations on an unrelated party or using uninviting body language can create a

negative ripple that can spread like the flu, and no one wants that.

Nevertheless, some people have days that are tough, maybe due to illness, work, money, social life, etc., and a simple gesture of holding the door and wishing them a good day, or telling someone they look nice, or some other meaningful compliment, can really turn around their view on the day.

The benefits don't stop with just that individual interaction you had. If that person was having a tough day and became rather unapproachable throughout their day, the other people they come in contact with throughout the day will leave that interaction unsatisfied. If you stopped that by making a positive moment in that person's tough day, their future interactions with others will be improved, which in turn spreads.

The positivity doesn't stop there. On top of the good vibes you've passed onto others, you yourself will feel better having made a moment in someone's day, thus making a moment in yours. Having something come full circle and complete is always a welcoming bonus.

Seeing these moments is something that I've noticed is rather prominent in small towns. Perhaps that's where that small town charm comes from? Maybe I've only noticed it because I live in Minnesota, and we're known for our "Minnesota Nice" attitude? Either way you cut it, the benefits are there to do something that ought to be very simple and come naturally for everyone; just be nice.

Perhaps it's the power of that ripple that cemented the "Golden Rule" (the rule everyone should follow) — to treat others the way you'd like to be treated. Hmm...

So when you're out and about each day, try and make it a point to take a moment to make a moment. It could be just the ticket someone needed!