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Osakis Voices: Work with police to clean up property

Spring is once again upon us in spite of the final blast of winter on May 1. With that, the Osakis Police Department would like to inform you of the annual citywide Clean-Up Day to be held on May 13 at the Osakis Liquor Store parking lot from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

This year will be the same as last year, with all general junk to be accepted from residents of the city of Osakis for free. A free-will donation will be accepted for the general junk which goes toward the Fourth of July Fireworks show at the Osakis Country Club that's put on by the Osakis Fire Department.

Last year was a huge success with more money raised for the fireworks show than any of the recent past years. Again this year, Pope/Douglas Solid Waste Management will be taking hazardous waste from anyone, not just the residents of the city of Osakis. An informational list is posted on the city website and the Facebook pages of the city of Osakis and Osakis Police Department. Everyone in the city of Osakis received a Clean-Up day flyer with their April utility bill.

The Osakis Police Department and local Boy Scout Troop 426 will also be offering assistance again for any city of Osakis resident unable to get items to the Osakis Liquor Store parking lot for disposal. Please contact City Hall to be put on the list if you need help with your items and to prepay for any items that require a fee to get rid of. Please support our local fireworks show with a free-will donation.

This is also the time of year that people start getting outside more and subsequently noticing unsightly areas either next door or down the block and are placing calls to the city with their concerns. I would urge residents that have these unsightly areas on their property to take advantage of the Clean-Up Day offered by the city. If needed, the police department and Boy Scout Troop 426 will assist to clean up these nuisance areas. After Clean-Up Day, the police department will be cracking down on these properties. The process, if you fail to comply with city ordinances, will be more of a nuisance than simply taking advantage of our help and cleaning it up now. If you have questions regarding your property and think you may be in violation, please feel free to call the Osakis Police Department. We are more than happy to assist you with a helping hand prior to Clean-051017.Up Day.

Let's work together to clean up our city.