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Osakis Voices: First nursing assistants graduate at Galeon

Certified Nursing Assistants who graduated at Galeon include (left to right) Hunter Infanger, Cassie LeBrun, Karen Moen (certified trainer), Kali Giesler and Skyler Schmidt. (Contributed)

I cannot think of a better way to start a column but to be able to give a huge SHOUT OUT to our first graduating Certified Nursing Assistants here at Galeon. Class began Jan. 8 and ended Feb. 8. The class was taught by our own staff member, Karen Moen, registered nurse, who became a certified trainer. Graduating students include: Skyler Schmidt, Hunter Infanger, Cassie LeBrun and Kali Giesler.

These students completed classroom and clinical skills here on our campus. They were able to train with the residents and staff that they will now be working with as certified nursing assistants. Our goal was to make a seamless transition from classroom to work force, which was done with direct interaction they had during their clinicals. I believe we succeeded in alleviating some stress for them as new employees as they will now be coming to work in a familiar environment with staff and residents they already know.

I will never forget the first day meeting all four of these students. They sat at their tables as quiet as can be with little to say, but by the end of their time here at Galeon, we saw four confident and exceptional individuals. Our residents loved getting to know them and the staff that were with them were excited to watch them grow and use the skills they had been practicing.

This class would not be possible without Karen Moen. We thank her for her dedication in getting this program going. She spent countless hours setting up and preparing the lab and classroom in order to provide the best education she could. It appeared that the hardest part of this class was saying goodbye as many great bonds were formed in the process.

Congratulations to all of you! We are so proud of you.

Another class started on Feb. 19 with six more students enrolled.

If you are interested in attending a Certified Nursing Assistant class at Galeon, please call 320-859-2142 and ask for Karen Moen. Our class is free to join. State test out is a cost paid by you but is reimbursable after 90 days of employment at Galeon.

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