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Osakis Voices: Let's work together to stop vandalism

Over the last few weeks, Osakis has experienced numerous acts of vandalism and calls of suspicious persons throughout town.

I cannot stress enough, the role the public can play in preventing and catching those responsible parties. One of the most important things that the public can do is to be alert for things out of the ordinary such as someone walking around at late hours or creeping around looking in vehicles.

We have received several reports over a very short span of time of people looking in vehicles and lingering around them near the nursing home. It is great that these incidents are reported; the problem is that many times they are not reported immediately and in some cases not even until hours later. People tell themselves that it is only a suspicious person and that they will just tell someone later. Last month, two of those just suspicious persons ended with one being arrested for burglary and the other for stealing a vehicle in Osakis and ultimately shooting an officer is Sauk Centre with a compound bow.

If something doesn't seem right it probably isn't. Report it. You can call the Osakis Police Department at 320-859-2550 24/7.

Even more recently, we have had several acts of vandalism occur starting at the Osakis Public Access to the shelter apartments on Main Street West. Several weeks ago, green spray paint was used on the skate park and several areas at the access, along with several residents' vehicles and businesses between there and the Shelter Apartments.

The last weekend of September red spray paint was used in the same area but to a larger extent with many vulgar and derogatory phrases.

A reward is being offered of $150 for information that leads to the arrest of a suspect or suspects. Based on the content of some of the graffiti our suspects have a negative opinion of FORTNITE, so for all you fans of FORTNITE, that's approximately 20,000 V-Bucks for you or for your parents to put away in your savings account.

If anyone has information they can be assured that their identity will remain confidential. We can be contacted discreetly on Osakis Police Department Facebook Page via messenger or using our email address

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