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Osakis Voices: 'Tis the season for home repairs

Spring will bring many beautiful and wonderful things with it to us Minnesotans (assuming you're one that doesn't suffer from allergies). Outside of the obvious warmer weather, lakes opening up and trees getting buds, people are starting to get outside, yards are being tended to, garages are being cleaned out (or that basement room), windows are being washed and everything is altogether becoming tidy for the upcoming summer.

This time of the year is also a common stretch to notice that your shingles may need to be replaced, those freshly washed windows didn't do much insulating this last winter, or the paint/siding on the house is starting to look tough. The problem with noticing these things, is that each item you notice adds up quickly to a pretty expensive bill. Well, good news on that front, the Osakis Economic Development Authority is happy to provide assistance with your updates! We've got programs that will give you up to $10,000 toward the cost of your improvements. That's a lot of money off the cost of your upgrade, and all you have to do is decide what color you want your new siding to be!

Perhaps you're reading this and thinking to yourself, "I sure do love the town of Osakis, I wish I could afford to build a home in this great town." Well, the Osakis Economic Development Authority also has programs for folks like yourselves, too! We've got, as part of the same program already mentioned, a section for home building, which gives the owner of a newly built home $15,000 to put towards the costs of building of a home in Osakis! Not only does that give a lender some comfort with their loan to value ratios, it also lowers your monthly payment, making the home that much more affordable!

Lastly, we know that there are some properties within town that are a bit of an eyesore. We've got a third and final section of the program that covers the cost of a demolition, up to $5,000, if you're looking to build a home on the property. This opens up the number of spots you can decide to build on, as some of those costs can be mitigated with this grant.

These programs are a huge benefit to our community, where we have the opportunity to clean up some blighted properties, upgrade current homes or bring new families into the community. All of these benefit you, the Osakis resident, and are something the Osakis Economic Development Authority is happy to provide to our citizens! To get all the details and confirm availability, contact City Hall and tell them what you have planned for your current, or future, home today. There is only so much for funds available for this program each year, so submit your requests as soon as you can to better your chances at getting this fantastic offer! Happy spring!