Caring blood donors

Salute: All those who donated blood at the Osakis Community Red Cross Blood Drive deserve a salute. Even in these busy times, people were not too busy to take the time to save a few lives. “We want to thank everyone who patiently waited to donate during one of the busiest blood drives we’ve seen,” noted Steve and Sharon Fredrickson, Osakis Community Blood Program leaders. “Our goal was set at 57 units and we totaled 71 units collected for this drive. “Thank you to our hosting sponsor, the Osakis VFW Post 7902, and to all the volunteers who helped to make this drive a success. We especially want to thank our first-time donors, Brittany Dietrich, Levi Dunn and Camryn Hoffarth.”

Brazen thieves

Boot: Criminals who break into homes seem to be more brazen than ever these days. We heard from a resident on Lake Osakis whose cabin has been broken into twice in two years. Before closing his cabin about a month ago, he took the time to bolt down some of the items inside, such as a TV set, but this time the burglars used tools and still got away with his TV. “It just makes me sick,” he told the Osakis Review. “What levels do you have to go to protect your property?” He suggested that those living on the lake should form a lake watch group to report any suspicious activity they see.

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