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Send 'Boot' or 'Salute' to Osakis Review

The Osakis Review is excited to bring back “Boot or Salute” – a way for readers to share their thoughts on any topic that catches their interest in a good or bad way.

Did you experience a random act of kindness or were impressed with a local business that went above and beyond? Send the Review a “Salute.” Notice something that makes you angry, like a litter bug or a rude driver? Send the Review a “Boot.”

You can choose to include your name or remain anonymous. Osakis Review Editor Al Edenloff will consider which items will be published. Email your suggestions to or mail them to Osakis Review, Post Box 5, 225 7th Avenue East, Alexandria, MN 56308.

“Boot or Salute” will appear on the Opinion page every other week. In the meantime, here are a couple items to get started:


Salute: Osakis is fortunate to have another fun dining option in town: Knights Pub and Grub, located at the old Sportsmen’s Café site on East Nokomis. Owner Matt Kruse opened the establishment last week. The place has a friendly vibe with a creative Knights of the Round Table theme, from the suit of armor that stands near the entry to menu items like “Arthur’s Favorite” (a burger, bacon and cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla with pico sauce), “Lancelot’s Favorite (a chicken breast with cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo), the basic “Princess Burger” and “Jester’s Favorite” (a burger topped with a fried egg). Also, check out the pressure-cooked fried chicken. It’s moist, tender and the batter is addictive. Along with appetizers, pizza, ribs, pasta and other menu items, there are daily specials featuring Chinese, Mexican, Italian food and more. During their opening last week, Kruse and his crew were working hard ironing out a system for filling all the orders but they seemed determined to succeed. Kruse has a long history of food entrepreneurship in his family; his grandparents owned six restaurants. He’s off to a promising start making his own mark in Osakis.


Boot: Too many fun community events in Osakis are taken for granted. People just show up and expect to have fun without giving the event the support it deserves. It’s time for more people in the community to step forward and lighten the load by volunteering to help or take over an event. Expecting the same people to lead the charge year after year is asking too much. They need help! Consider, for example, the Osakis Kids Easter Day. Lil Ortendahl has voluntarily chaired the event for nearly a decade but because of her age (she just turned 80) and recent health issues, she is begging for someone to take over as chair, otherwise it will have to be discontinued. That would be a shame. You only have to see the joy in the children’s eyes as they search for eggs, play games and visit with the costumed Easter Bunny to realize how much this event would be missed. Anyone who is interested in taking it over should call Lil at (320) 859-4426. The annual “Quilts Along the Trail” also needs more help from residents. Some strong workers are needed to help set up and take down the beautiful quilts. The event takes place in early September. To volunteer, call (320) 859-3823. C’mon, Osakis residents! Help keep these fun and memorable events going by lending a hand.