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EDITORIAL: Should prom-goers submit photos?

We're not sure what to make of the Osakis School Board's discussion to have girls submit a photo of themselves wearing the dress they plan to wear to prom. (See the front page story in today's issue for details.)

The photos would be submitted for approval to the prom's co-advisor.

The board's intentions are good: It's to prevent anyone from being embarrassed or turned away at the door on the night of prom. But submitting photos, in our view, seems a bit heavy handed and could invite lawsuits.

Yes, prom is a school function and establishing dress codes are within the school's scope of responsibilities, but the photo rule opens a hornet's nest of questions: How detailed must the photos be? Front and back? Will there be enough time for all the girls to submit photos? What if the prom dress was already purchased? Will girls have enough time to find a new dress and resubmit more photos? What if they alter the dress? Why aren't boys required to provide photos?

We'd like to hear what students and parents think about submitting photos. Send your thoughts to The Review will also gladly print letters to the editor on the topic. Just indicate that it's OK to print your comments.

--Osakis News Editor Al Edenloff