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Letter: Blood boiling after Slagerman case

To the editor:

I must say I'm glad I am not a resident of Todd County. Last month, I attended a court date in regard to Tyler Slagerman and Lacey Kuschel. My blood is boiling.

Tyler Slagerman, a grown adult who has been charged numerous times with misdemeanors, claims to have accidentally shot Kuschel in the back, killing her. Tyler's story about the horrific night has changed so many times, yet the county attorney, Chuck Rasmussen, doesn't seem to see this as a problem.

After court on Feb. 13, Mr. Rasmussen patted Tyler Slagerman's attorney on the back and walked out of the courtroom. Not once day did he acknowledge Lacey Kuschel's parents, family or friends about what had just happened in court. Nor did he stay around to answer any questions. One would think someone voted in by the Todd County residents, who by the way pay his wages, would do a better job of representing a mother who can no longer speak for herself. What a slap in the face to Lacey Kuschel's loved ones and Todd County residents.

Slagerman has a history of lying and whose story about what happened that fateful night has changed numerous times. Slagerman has been convicted of impersonating a police officer. Yet, Chuck Rasmussen believes shooting Lacey in the back after a night of celebrating his birthday was an accident? Even after he was told their relationship was strained by the birth of their child? An infant who Tyler has been granted custody of, a child who cannot speak or protect herself?

What must we do to get Chuck Rasmussen to act like a caring county attorney and put Slagerman behind bars? Mr, Rasmussen, this isn't a little "he-said-she-said" case. Please do your job and convict Tyler Slagerman to the fullest degree.

Bonnie Aretz

Buffalo Lake, MN