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Letter: Support small country cemeteries

To the editor:

Over the years, many small country cemeteries (ones without a church supporting it) have watched as less and less monies come in for the up keep of these cemeteries. I'm sure many of you know of country cemeteries that are being less and less maintained or some that have been totally abandoned.

With cremations and the scattering of ashes becoming more popular, the need for cemetery plots has dwindled. With less people purchasing grave plots, there is less monies to properly maintain these small country cemetery.

At The Gordon Pleasant Hill Cemetery Association annual meeting each year in April for example, we get less and less people attending to offer help or monies coming in to support it. Clean-up day is usually in early May and the amount of people that come out to help is at its lowest.

We will once again be sending out letters to family members and friends of the cemetery to send donations. If you get one, please think about the struggle we are having. We are sending you this because you have a loved one in Gordon Pleasant Hill Cemetery or own plots there.

If you have a loved one in another country cemetery other than GPHC, please remember they need your financial support also to keep that cemetery maintained.

Please remember that a cemetery exists because life is worth loving and remembering always. A cemetery is a history of people, a perpetual record of lives lived yesterday, and a sanctuary of peace and quiet today. We need to do our best to make certain there is a well kept place to honor a life well lived. A permanent memorial where future generations can come to remember.

Connie Rasmusen

Gordon Pleasant Hill Secretary

Osakis, MN