To the editor:

It is unfortunate that we have a government organization that is funded by the people but does not represent the people. They are an organization that ridicules the people who pay their wages. The people do not want to spend $2 million of their hard earned money so six employees can have a mansion to work in. Yet the board (all but two of them) disrespects the taxpayer and what the taxpayer wants.

While in some degree a watershed district has some positive presence, this one does not. We sometimes think that perhaps if they could just see how unjust their decisions are and how misinformed they (the board) are and how many bad decisions they have made in the past and are making in the present, and that these decisions need to be rectified. Perhaps they will see the errors of their ways. But the more we learn about them, the more we see their arrogance towards the taxpayer. They do not want clean water; they use the mantra of clean water to further their agenda. What is their agenda? Money! An overpaid administrator, a law firm that has been taking money from us for years, an engineering firm that is incompetent, yet charges us for their mistakes. Employees that are not necessary. The only solution is for the dissolution of the Sauk River Watershed.

Paul Hartmann

Osakis, MN

The letter was signed by 28 Sauk River Watershed District residents and property owners.