Katie Thompson of Wayzata and Jody Wagner of Brooklyn Park won their division in the Osakis Pump and Run this past weekend.

Thompson finished the Pump and Run, which combines weightlifting with running a 5K, in 4:15 after subtracting the time she cut off through her weightlifting. Athletes are allowed to subtract time from their overall finish depending on how many reps they competed on a bench press.

Thompson did 47 reps of 50 pounds and ran the 5K in 27:45. She was able to subtract 23:30 from her time and the 4:15 is a new Osakis Pump and Run record.

Wagner won the men’s division in a time of 7:20. He did 31 reps at 135 pounds and ran the 5K in 22:50. He subtracted 15:30 for his performance on the bench to finish with the 7:20 time.