Pat Kalpin has had a hand in many athletics in the Osakis School District over the years. Now he’ll have a hand in every activity that goes on for the Silverstreaks.

Kalpin officially took over the activities director role in Osakis on July 1. He steps in for Brad Hoffarth, who served as the school’s AD for 12 years but has now moved into a new role as the Osakis High School Principal.

“I’m invested into this school and this system,” Kalpin said. “You’re pretty proud of what’s been accomplished in this school the last 20 years I’ve been here. You want to continue that and help it grow and maybe get better. Not that there is anything that is really bad, but to be part of that and to have your hands in every activity and help them be successful I think is the No. 1 goal in mind. You want to see our activities programs continue to grow.”

This is hardly an entirely new role for Kalpin. He was the AD for seven years in Osakis prior to Hoffarth taking over. Kalpin also taught full time physical education back then and was coaching, either as a head coach or an assistant, in girls basketball, golf and football. He left Osakis for one year in 2007-08 to take the full-time activities director position in Pierz.

“It was a good position, a good job,” Kalpin said. “I was fortunate to be able to come back to Osakis and took the head football job and got the girls basketball job again and taught phy-ed. Then I’ve been the Prairie Conference secretary for the last 12 years as well, so I’ve stayed involved in the AD world. When this popped up, there was some thought put into it and it was something I felt I wanted to get back into. I’m excited about it.”

Kalpin’s first experience as an AD came at a time when these positions often held the title of athletic director. Athletics continue to take up a big portion of the job for those in this role, but the position is more of an all-encompassing one with programs within the arts gaining their attention too.

“That’s going to be a new territory for me,” Kalpin said. “The biggest thing is getting together with all those advisors, and getting to know them and talk to them. I know most of them already, but it’s finding out what their needs and wants are and helping them become more successful. The activities side of it is just as important as the athletics side of it.”

Kalpin will juggle a busy schedule in his new role. In addition to teaching physical education for a portion of each day, he also plans on continuing as the head coach for the Silverstreak girls basketball team this upcoming winter. He admits there is some stress that comes along with that, but he says he also knows exactly what he’s getting into.

“The great thing is Brad did a great job in Osakis,” Kalpin said. “Having him right here in school with me is going to be key for this position. There’s a lot of loose ends that aren’t tied up at this point just because that’s the way it is, and he’s right there to help. We’re excited about it, and he’s excited about his new position, as well. It’s a transition but it’s going to be good.”

Kalpin is grateful for a lot of his co-workers in the Osakis School District, who he says have stepped up and said they are willing to help out at events on nights Kalpin has to be on the road with the girls basketball team. That makes this transition a little easier as he gets ready to take on the added responsibilities of running a whole department.

“We have an administration team that’s willing to step up,” Kalpin said. “The biggest thing is communicating and when everybody knows what to expect each night, we’ll be fine. That’s key to any school. Your administration team has to work together. It starts there and it can trickle down. It’s going to be a new thing for people at school this year, but it’s going to be a good transition for us. Whatever challenges that come about, we’ll work on them together and get through them together.”