Alexandria’s Jim Dresch invented a tool for ice anglers designed to make sure they are able to get more fish into their hands, and Dresch will get the chance to talk about that on a far-ranging level through a popular radio show, including locally on KXRA.

Over the years, Dresch had seen too many fish get to the top of the hole in his ice house only to see them swim free. Crappies, walleyes, northerns - any aggressive fighting fish has a tendency to do that every once in a while before an angler can get it in their grasp.

Dresch eventually acted on a plan to fix that. It led to what he refers to as the ice fisherman's landing net.

Grandpa Jimmy's Ice Hole Trap, as he named it, has a shaft that is adjustable to fit the depth of the ice with heavy-duty parachute cord that attaches to a bottom plate and a foot lever. The trap is easily mounted to the bottom of a fish house. Once the fish is through the bottom of the hole, stepping on the lever closes the plate and keeps the fish from getting free should it spit the lure.

“We're just having a blast with it," Dresch said in an interview for a story that ran in the Echo Press in January of 2018. "Every time I put one together, I just kind of wonder who's going to use it? Is it going to be a crappie or a walleye caught by some kid or a senior citizen who can't get down on his hands and knees quick to grab a fish? It's a fun thing."

Dresch was just getting started in any kind of marketing of the product last winter by taking the ice fisherman’s landing net to a few sports shows. He would often get some quizzical looks from those who were seeing it for the first time, and Dresch got a kick out of explaining it to them and seeing the expression on their faces change.

Dresch will now have an avenue to explain the invention to a wide-scale audience after being interviewed for the Big Wild Radio Show.

The Big Wild is an outdoor-related show that runs weekly on topics centered around hunting and fishing. It airs on more than 20 stations throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan and Wisconsin, and also on ZFM Country in Sydney, Australia.

Listeners can find the show locally by tuning in to KXRA (100.3 FM, 1490 AM) out of Alexandria. Dresch’s segment will run on Nov. 30 during the 8-9 a.m. time slot.