Osakis’ Kirsten Wessel was worn out after 23 years as a head volleyball coach.

Thirteen of those years were spent running the Silverstreaks varsity and JO programs, and after all the time spent on the game for more than two decades, Wessel decided in the offseason that it was time to resign from her role as Osakis’ head coach. She finished her entire 23-year career with an overall record of 352-272-7.

“I had lost my passion for coaching like I used to have,” Wessel said. “I still love the game and hope that they have an amazing season. However, I didn't feel that it was fair to the girls to continue coaching if my true passion was no longer there. I feel that it is time for someone else to take over. This will give the program a fresh start.”

Mitch McGuire will take over the Silverstreaks for this fall season. He’s spent nearly a decade as an assistant volleyball coach and will now have his first chance to run his own program.

Wessel said she is done as a head coach for the long term. She has other ways she plans on staying involved in the game and is ready to step away from the sidelines for good.

“I am going to officiate volleyball again after taking 18 years off from that,” Wessel said. “While coaching in Nebraska, South Dakota had still played volleyball in the winter season, so I was able to coach in the fall and officiate in the winter for several years.”

After some initial hesitation about resigning from her head coaching job, Wessel said she is at complete peace with her decision now that the season is here.

“At first I thought that it may be really hard to not be around the atmosphere of practices and the team, but over time it has really been a positive break for me,” she said. “I will miss the camaraderie with my coaching staff and the players, but I will still be around school and the game. I will still be able to make connections with them, just from a different perspective.”

Coaching was her passion at one time. She’s now ready to pursue a new role in the game with the same excitement she started with on the sidelines.

“I am very excited to officiate,” Wessel said. “I feel like that has become a new passion for me. Umpiring softball took over my passion for coaching softball, and I feel that this will be similar. I'm glad that I will still be around the game.”